The Impact Accelerator Network


The Impact Accelerator Network

consists of independently owned and operated regional organizations whose primary goal is to support entrepreneurs making a positive change in the world.
It is designed to foster collaboration, networking, discussion of best practices, and a myriad of other opportunities for participating members. The IAN community is housed on the tech platform F6S at, and powered by ImpactSpace. IAN members, F6S, and ImpactSpace are developing tools and resources to streamline the application cycle and other program processes for IAN accelerators and organizations.

Program/application management infrastructure

F6S will deliver infrastructure to each IAN Program/organization to manage application cycles, events etc. Each IAN program will have a unique profile with full access to all features for:

  • Applications/Evaluation Management
  • Event Management (if applicable)
  • Associated Team/Startup/Company Management
  • Perks Management (see below)
  • Mentor Network Management

Sharing Deal Flow between IAN programs

IAN-member managing directors will have access to a common IAN deal-flow pool through F6S. Applications will be added to the pool through a double opt-in system. First, upon completing their application, founders will have the option to opt-in to have their application shared to the IAN pool, only in the case they are NOT selected by the program to which they are applying. Second, once an accelerator has decided to reject a founder’s application, the accelerator will have the option to add the application to the common IAN pool. Webinars will be scheduled to demonstrate how the above works.

Sharing deal flow data

Entrepreneurs can opt-in to share some or all of their information with the ImpactSpace database. ImpactSpace’s network-level account will facilitate research and reporting on deal flow in the Impact Investing marketplace.


F6S and ImpactSpace will use various promotional methods to promote IAN programs on the platform and in the community, with the aim of driving high quality teams/startups to each program.

  • Dedicated IAN Landing Page

    ImpactSpace will develop and curate an IAN-specific landing page to highlight IAN programs, accelerator news, and broader impact investing resources. This will become a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs looking for impact accelerator programs. Tools will help entrepreneurs identify appropriate IAN programs.

  • Highlighting IAN Accelerators on the platform

    F6S will add IAN accelerators as a primary search type to the front page of F6S. Entrepreneurs will also see an IAN badge indicating IAN member accelerators on the system.


IAN members and their cohorts will receive up to $800k worth of perks from companies like Rackspace, Odesk, and Pivotal Tracker.

If your organization is interested in joining the network, please email [email protected]

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