ImpactSpace Fellowship Program

ImpactSpace Fellowship Program Description

What is the ImpactSpace Fellows Program?

We are piloting a unique, 3-6 month professional development opportunity for striving, high-impact individuals. Test out the impact investing waters with our low-risk, but highly impactful, Fellowship Program.

The ImpactSpace Fellowship is right for you if you are

  • In a career transition – not sure if your desk job is right for you
  • Curious about the intersection of business and social impact
  • Interested in researching and learning more about impact investing


  • You are a young professional (or enrolled in a graduate studies program) exploring your career options and are interested in conducting research in the impact investment field. OR….
  • You are a young professional (or enrolled in a graduate studies program) exploring your career options and want to gain full-time field-level experience working in the impact investment field.

So how does this work? What’s the structure?

This is a pilot program. We give you the space to capture your research, collect data, and publish your findings and to network with our partners. As a Fellow, you are given room to pick a topic and area of interest within impact investing that interests you.

  1. Fellows commit for a minimum of 3 months and up to 6 months.
  2. Fellows pick a stream*: 
    a) Impact Research;  
    b)  Field Study 
    (*at this time, we are only launching stream (a) – Impact Research)
  3. With the guidance of mentors and Fellowship staff, Fellows choose a research question/topic area of interest.
  4. Small cohorts of fellows will be formed with a premier impact investment leader as a mentor. Monthly follow-ups and access to a peer support group will be provided during the Fellowship.
  5. Fellows complete their research over the course of 3-6 months with bi-weekly check-ins with Fellowship staff.
  6. Selected material is eligible for publishing on and our distribution partners.

What are your deliverables?

  • We expect publishable research, in any of the following formats: traditional research paper; series of blogs; case studies; video essays, etc.
  • Comprehensive data collection and analysis based on your topic of interest.

So why should you become a Fellow? Here are some perks:

  • Gain credible backing for your research by using the name ImpactSpace.
  • Become a participating member of the impact investment industry.
  • It’s low risk – you do not have to take a jump and quit your job. Gain initial traction through the research and connections.
  • Access to ImpactSpace’s media outlet—ImpactAlpha.

What is ImpactSpace?

ImpactSpace is the open data and resources platform powering the global impact market. ImpactSpace exists to accelerate impact investing by making information about the impact market available to everyone and maintainable by anyone. Here you can learn everything about impact investing and track the companies, investors, deals, and people maximizing social, environmental, and financial returns.

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