Anil Kumar SG

Anil Kumar SG



Anil is founder and managing director of Samunnati, an enterprise focused exclusively on value chain finance for Inclusive Growth with a belief that for a value chain to work well, all the chain actors need have access to formal financial instruments. Anil is a career banker with over 23 years of experience in the areas of General Banking, Retail Banking, Microfinance, Rural Finance, Financial Inclusion, Customer Protection, Wealth Management approach for low income households, Product Development for remote rural markets. He has engaged with several stakeholders both at the regulator as well as policy making levels and participates in thought leadership for the excluded markets. Over last decade Anil’s work focused on creating newer institutions across the country and operating in the financially excluded markets with corresponding support structures for their capacity building. In his last assignment Anil as a CEO, conceptualized, designed, developed and spearheaded a new model of delivery of financial services in remote rural areas - the KGFS model. Anil specializes in designing newer models of delivery of financial services in the excluded markets in both urban and rural areas and developing newer products around credit and widening the range of products that include investments, pensions, insurance and remittances.


Providing financial services to agriculture value chains

Director and CEO

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Financial service provider to under-served households.

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