David Philipp

David Philipp



Dr. David Philipp is the Principal Scientist at the Illinois Natural History Survey a research department within the Institute of Natural Resources Sustainability at the University of Illinois. His research interests focus on three major areas conservation genetics reproductive ecology and the effects of fishing on natural populations. His findings have helped to document the negative impacts of outbreeding depression that can result from hatchery stocking programs as well as to illustrate the evolutionary effects that fishing can have on natural populations. Much of his research has targeted centrarchid species particularly focusing on the factors that impact their parental care activities reproductive success and annual recruitment. In recent years Dr. Philipp has broadened his interest in these research topics to include the marine flats ecosystem studying bonefish reproductive behaviors and the effects of recreational angling on post release behavior and survival of flats fishes. Dave was one of the original group of founders spearheading the formation of the Fisheries Conservation Foundation and he currently serves as the Chair of its Board of Directors.

Fisheries Conservation Foundation

Promoting Sustainable Management of Aquatic Ecosystems.

Principal Scientist, Illinois Natural History Surv


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