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I am a seed stage tech investor with Founder Collective the most aligned fund to founders at the seed stage. I run the San Francisco office. I'm a 3 time co founder of VC backed ventures. Handshake.com (1998) a marketplace for local services. Brontes Technologies (2003) a 3D scanner that replaced the dental impression (sold to 3M). Sample6 Technologies (2010) a food safety diagnostics company currently operating in Boston. I've led the following investments for Founder Collective Exited companies Skip The Dishes (sold to JustEat PLC) food delivery for mid market cities in the US and Canada Periscope (sold to Twitter) live broadcast video from/to your smart phone Plated (sold to Albertstons) ingredient subscription service for cooking amazing meals Select investments Dia & Co (Board observer) an e commerce company that brings home styling to the plus size fashion market CultureIQ (Board observer) a SAAS company that helps companies measure and improve company culture and morale Tulip Retail (former Board observer) software to empower sales associates in retail stores Sense360 (Board observer) technology to allow app developers to harness the power of the sensors within the smart phone Bumpers create an edited short form podcast on mobile MissionU a modern alternative to 4 year college SkySafe protecting our infrastructure from rogue drones ...and a few as yet exciting but unannounced investments!

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