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Keneth Ndua

Kenneth is a social entrepreneur with extensive, hands-on experience with social enterprise and sustainable livelihoods development. He has worked extensively with NGOs and CBOs in Kenya in developing their capacity and fundraising. He holds a Master’s degree in community care HIV and AIDS from University of Wales Trinity David (UK) with a bias in sustainable livelihoods. He has a lot of experience in entrepreneurship and business management through trainings and exposure. He will be pursuing his PHD in social entrepreneurships later in the year. Through his work with women’s groups in Kibera, Kawangware and Ruiru, STAMP director Kenneth Ndua observed that water borne diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea are common due to people drinking contaminated water from shallow wells, and that women in the community spend a significant amount of their time caring for family and friends who are ill. Most people cannot afford the extra fuel needed to boil water and sanitise it due to high living costs and low purchasing power: a typical family has an average income of USD 1.2 per day, of which USD 0.7 (~60%) is spent on fuel, and the remainder is spent on meeting other basic needs such as buying food and paying rent. In response to this challenge, Kenneth developed the Energy Conserving Stove (ECOS) – a fuel-efficient biomass stove featuring an innovative built-in jacket that can be filled with 7 litres of water. This feature both helps to insulate the stove, making it more efficient, and allows the user to simultaneously boil water whilst cooking. Several prototypes were developed before the design was finalized of stove ECOS

Investors: Website: http://cookstove.kbo.co.ke/home Email:


Saurabh Saraf

I founded and worked with start-ups in the Indian environment and energy sector. I also have experience in management consulting and policy research. I graduated with an Erasmus Mundus MSc. in environmental policy and management (2014) and attended the Frontier Market Scout’s fellowship in impact investing & social enterprise at MIIS. Since last year I have been involved in Swedish Energy Agency commissioned projects on cleantech venture capital. In my current engagement I am working with a cleantech start-up aiming to solve sanitation related food-water-energy issues in urban slums of developing countries.

Investors: Website: http://biopolus.org/ Email: er.sarafsaurabh@gmail.com