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Jason Rosado

Jason Rosado envisions frictionless, socially driven donation platforms rewarding each and every stakeholder — the donor, the institutes, and most especially, the cause. During his time at major institutional banking firms Chase, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of NY, and BNY Mellon, and through his work with foundations and startups, Rosado gained a deep understanding of how to bridge each party’s interests while encouraging their desire to contribute. Rosado served as product development lead for mobile banking and payments solutions, and managed technology solutions, within the Treasury and transaction services divisions, respectively. He co-founded a cultural and tourism web startup in Argentina, and a scholarship and grant-giving foundation benefitting Hispanic students. Along the way, Rosado has become adept at project management, business development, negotiation and organizational management. Rosado graduated from Wesleyan University and holds a Masters Degree from New York University’s renowned ITP program, described by alumni as “Hogwarts for Hackers.” He also served as a White House intern for the Clinton Administration.

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