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Leading the digital transformation of education in the Spanish speaking world.Our mission is to promote literacy and improve Spanish speaking students reading skills through innovative tools that make learning a unique experience.



DESAISIV offers an AI powered products streamline various facets of health insurance automating underwriting procedures tailoring policies to provide optimised benefits and coverage predicting emerging diseases identifying high risk behaviours and reducing customer attrition.


Thyme Care

Thyme Care collaborates across the cancer care community to improve access experience and outcomes while lowering the total cost of care for everyone.



The Mexico City based venture provides back end lending infrastructure and capital to companies like Colombian online farmers market Frubana to extend credit to their small business customers.



Cubo to promote the development of digital payments in micro and small businesses in Central America and contribute to reducing financial inclusion gaps.


Pivot Energy

Pivot Energy is fiercely dedicated to accelerating the rapid transition taking place in the energy industry to a more decentralized and cleaner approach to power generation. We are committed to positively contributing to the local communities and people we serve with more than clean energy. We believe global warming poses an existential threat to our planet and that we have a responsibility to help mitigate the threat.Pivot is a national solar provider that develops finances builds and manages solar energy and energy storage projects that help decarbonize our nation s electricity increase equitable access to clean energy for local communities and provide real cost savings to American businesses and families.



A dedicated care professional to support you and those you loveWellthy provides personalized support to help you tackle the logistical and administrative tasks of caring for the ones you love including yourself.



Tangible tracks manages and reports embodied carbon of projects across your portfolio.Ditch the emailed spreadsheets and track whether your building materials are aligned with your sustainability goals.Discover and select materials that will drive reductions in embodied carbon at scale.



Water is scarce and sources are shrinking as use continues to rise. Something needs to be done and we re on it. Our technologies make industrial water usage sustainable. We re engineering a greater balance between mankind and the planet. Our goal is to ensure water for all of society both now and into the future.Sustainability is at the core of the work we do at Gradiant. We help our customers minimize their water footprint by reducing water consumption reclaiming valuable resources and renewing wastewater so it can be returned to nature. Our technologies enable industries to be sustainable in their operations and supply chains. Much more than regulatory compliance increasingly customers employees and investors are driving the need for a sustainable supply chain. It s a win win the right thing to do and good for business.



Any energy challenge in any telecom or microgrid site in any country together we can help create a truly greener more connected future. HYBRICO provides end to end software enabled energy as a service and backup as a service solutions allowing our customers to focus their CAPEX on core expansions reducing their operational expenses and increasing uptime by trusting their energy needs to us the experts.

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