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To provide unique venture funding model.


5C Network


5C Network is every hospital's private radiologist. We ensure that hospitals and diagnostics centers never need to worry about the unavailability of radiologists again. Think of us as the Uber of Radiodiagnosis.


Unitus Ventures


To lead impact venture fund investing in startups.


Smart Crowd

United Arab Emirates

Smart Crowd is Middle East's first regulated digital investment platform that provides the opportunity to access real estate through beneficial fractional ownership. Real estate is considered as one of the most secure investment options available. However this lucrative asset class is inaccessible to a majority of the population due to large capital requirements. Our online platform holds the key to unlocking the real estate market for everyday investors. Now for the first time in the Middle East the average investor can build a personalized investment property portfolio through a convenient online platform with a minimum investment of just AED 5000. Large investment requirements will no longer be an impediment to your financial freedom helping you generate secondary income and accumulate wealth in real and hard assets.




Robu instills a process that transforms management teams into proactive data driven decision makers and financial strategists. Easily create professional grade financial forecasts that are flexible and intuitive. Identify your cash flow needs ahead of time and examine scenarios to reveal optimal decisions. Use Robu to quantify the financial impact of your business choices gain cash flow visibility and critical insights and make more confident decisions.




REMA's mission is to help physicians and medical students in Africa to share learn and improve their skills through the democratization of medical knowledge. We believe that sharing knowledge and skills can lead to better health care and ultimately save human lives. REMA connects medical students general practitioners specialists and physicians teachers from all over Africa who met only at conferences. This mobile application is now part of the daily practice of the medical profession in Africa. REMA is a remote medical collaboration service dedicated to doctors practicing in Africa. It is a mobile application that allows physicians to publish discuss resolve patient cases and collaborate in real time to make better medical decisions and save more lives. REMA is available on Google Play Store via this link



We help people reduce their monthly bills with convenient mortgage transfer getting lower rates and reducing fees.There are more than 30 financial institutions in the market and most likely you have only visited 2 or 3 of them before choosing the bank that gave you the mortgage. It is impossible to visit each of them right? You may have achieved a rate that is not the best for you and is above the market. We can make financial institutions compete for you and give you a better rate. You win!A transfer of mortgage credit or purchase of mortgage debt represents an opportunity to lower monthly accounts but requires analyzing several factors. The purpose of selling mortgage debt is to obtain another financial institution that is willing to provide you with a better interest rate buy your current mortgage and become the new entity with which you have the debt. Once you receive options to transfer mortgage credit it is important to know how to compare them to determine which is the best offer. Take into account in addition to the interest rate the cost of the credit and property insurance notary and appraisal expenses. Having an impeccable credit history will be essential to achieve a successful mortgage migration because it will be the first thing evaluated by financial institutions.



Chile is the first and only comparator of Isapres plans in Chile totally ONLINE. Search compare and request your plan from any is the first and only comparator of Isapres plans in Chile totally ONLINE. Search compare and request your plan from any device.




SmartPeep is a Singapore and Malaysia award winning video analytics company that focus on Healthcare vertical. We create AI virtual patient sitter system to monitor patients and elderly people in the ward enabling nurses to get notified for emergency situations and provide proactive care at all times.

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