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TechForGood harnesses technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit and uses 'Startup Nation' best practices to support their growth into effective scalable profitable and impactful solutions to social and environmental issues. Based in Israel TechForGood incubates social tech startups providing them with whatever they need to scale. TechForGood partners with impact investors academic institutions mentors and experts service providers and leading corporations to establish a professional supporting ecosystem for startups to prosper. TechForGood has developed a unique approach to embedding impact with the startup business model as well as organizational mechanisms impact monitoring and assessment tools to provide the entrepreneurs with effective working tools to help them optimize their impact and financial potential.TechForGood accepts startups from all over the world for a tailor made program to accelerate their growth and provide them with the necessary resources to change the world.


Quantified Ventures


Yes Bank


YES BANK has been recognized amongst the Top and Fastest Growing Banks in various Indian Banking League Tables by prestigious media houses and Global Advisory Firms and has received several national and international honours for our various Businesses including Corporate Investment Banking Treasury Transaction Banking and Sustainable practices through Responsible Banking. YES BANK is steadily evolving as the Professionals Bank of India with the long term mission of Building the Finest Quality Bank of the World in India by 2020.


The Resolution Project

United States of America

The Resolution Project is a global non profit fostering youth leadership development through collaborative social entrepreneurship. Founded in 2007 Resolution identifies young leaders through Social Venture Challenges and empowers them to make a positive impact today through Resolution Fellowships. Resolution Fellows receive dynamic hands on support to implement their ventures and to develop as socially responsible leaders. With over 300 Resolution Fellows on all 6 inhabited continents working in diverse high impact fields such as education healthcare human rights water resources and sustainability Resolution is building a generation of leaders with a lifelong commitment to social responsibility. For more information please visit The Resolution Project Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to the Resolution Project in the United States are tax exempt to the extent provided by law.


Music Securities


Music Securities is a Japanese crowdsourcing company that provides micro investment platforms that connects individual investors and local business in Japan.


Bodossaki Foundation


The Bodossaki Foundation was established in 1972 and is one of the most respected privately owned public benefit organizations in Greece. The Bodossaki Foundation is currently active in four main strategic pillars education health protection of the environment and the empowerment of civil society in Greece.The Bodossaki Foundation has a deep knowledge of the non profit sector in Greece and since its inception it has managed more than 400 million that have been disbursed placing a great emphasis on decreasing inequality of opportunity on contributing to the education of young people on improving medical and research infrastructure and on promoting environmental protection.


CIL Management Consultants

United Kingdom of Great Britai

Founded in 1986 CIL is an independent management consultancy. We provide evidence based advice to assist our clients to grow their business manage risk and make better investment decisions.The sectors we cover are Business and support services Construction and building products Consumer retail and leisure Energy utilities and natural resources Financial services Health care and education Industrial products and services Media Technology



CityGrows is a workflow and transparency platform for local governments. We make it easy for governments to transition away from inefficient paper processes and into the digital world. CityGrows improves the experience of interacting with public services for constituents and government employees while increasing public access to information about how government works. Our cloud hosted platform is a simple straightforward and highly functional alternative to the expensive and technically challenging solutions typically used by governments.


Diversity Fund

United States of America

We re out to change the world of business finance!Diversity Fund is a new business finance platform that unites rewards lending and equity finance provides sophisticated tools for investors to evaluate each deal and company and is fun and engaging for everyone!Through Diversity Fund an entirely new generation of entrepreneurs can finance their venture or expansion by immediately reaching thousands of potential investors who support their goals. Diversity Fund opens the world of business finance to entirely new sets of entrepreneurs and investors and leverages crowdfunding to even the playing field to the rest of us. Founded in Austin Texas Diversity Fund seeks to become a leader of small business finance and a trusted source for both entrepreneurs and investors.


Newton Virtual


Newton Virtual is an e learning platform focused on preparation for bachelor and master admission exams for public and private universities. We offer live classes and interactive material. Try it!

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