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Ethical Apparel Africa

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irela

Ethical Apparel Africa is a UK limited company that provides consultancy and sourcing support to apparel brands wanting to grow their Africa manufacturing base with social and environmental impact. EAA provides an intensive capacity building to factories to develop them technically and ethically to international export standards. We believe that ethical garment manufacturing should be the norm through delivering cost competitive quality products whilst ensuring workers are respected empowered and paid living wages



Fair Trade Jewellery Co.


In 2005 they noticed that the jewellery industry had largely ignored the social shifts of the past few decadeslike how much people are thinking of the environment and their impact on the earth in general. They realized that despite consumer demands for a more 'ethical' cup of coffee the issue of conflict minerals gold and diamond mining in luxury goods were largely unaddressed. They wanted to do things differently. So they started a new kind of jewellery company that would design and produce luxury goods that reflected the values they share with their customers. FTJCo is an inclusive company that combines ethically sourced finely and locally made jewellery in a judgment free environment. On February 14th 2011 FTJCo proudly became the first and only jeweller in North America to produce fine jewellery using Certified Fairtrade Fairmined Gold.


Prosperity Candle

United States of America

Prosperity Candle began in Baghdad working with women survivors of war to create handpoured pillar candles. Today Prosperity Candle works with resettled women refugees in western Massachusetts. The mission remains the same every Prosperity candle is artfully handpoured by a woman earning a living wage.