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Laundromat Project

United States of America

Rooted in the belief that art and cultural participation serves as an important pathway to civic engagement The Laundromat Project aims to create socially relevant arts programming that is physical conceptually and financially accessible to residents of Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn by offering the programming in a functioning laundromat. The Laundromat Project capitalizes on the open space of the laundromat to engage people that may not actively seek out an arts experience and/or those who may not be involved in social change initiatives. Through programs and workshops that focus on visual literacy art making and exhibition The Laundromat Project raises awareness around the issues affecting its community and create substantial opportunities for social critiques that lead to action. As a social enterprise The Laundromat Project employs an innovative funding model whereby income from the laundromat will provide a source of sustained revenue for the arts organization.