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Kissing Lions

United States of America

Kissing Lions are a conscious publicity nexus fueled by narrative intelligence 2.0. They nurture a socially aware global mindset for our clients through varied media platforms. They build holistic media muscles by organically implementing visibility campaigns that carry the authentic voice of niche and emerging brands in design wellness and mission based organizations.




MemTalk is a mobile app that lets you record your speech and take photos at the same time. Instead of heavy and shaky videos you will get a high quality compact slideshow perfectly synchronized with your thoughts and comments. You can Share your Talking Photo Albums on Facebook, Youtube and iCloud photo sharing. Send to your friends by Viber, FB Messenger, Mail, WhatsApp, Vine. Save them in your phone, Dropbox and Notes.

Information, communication & technology


StoryStudio Chicago

United States of America

StoryStudio Chicago is a growing community of writers building Chicagoland s premier center for writing and writers. Our mission is simple teach the art and craft of writing in a positive open and encouraging community where students can develop their unique voices.A great story captures attention stirs emotion inspires action. Isn't that what you want from your customers employees investors and stakeholders? StoryStudio's Words for Work program teaches the Art and Science of crafting stories for business. We guide each communicator to master his or her own efficient process for developing persuasive messages that tell an effective business story. Reluctant writers become confident storytellers when they discover our practical techniques for organizing ideas and engaging an audience.