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Berrett-Koehler Publishers

United States of America

Berrett-Koehler is an independent publisher dedicated to an ambitious mission: Creating a World That Works for All. They believe that to truly create a better world, action is needed at all levels--individual, organizational, and societal. At the individual level, their books help people align their lives with their values and with their aspirations for a better world. At the organizational level, their books promote progressive leadership and management practices, socially responsible approaches to business, and humane and effective organizations. At the societal level, their books advance social and economic justice, shared prosperity, sustainability, and new solutions to national and global issues.

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Centre for International Governance Innovation


We are the Centre for International Governance Innovation an independent non partisan think tank with an objective and uniquely global perspective. Our research opinions and public voice make a difference in today s world by bringing clarity and innovative thinking to global policy making. By working across disciplines and in partnership with the best peers and experts we are the benchmark for influential research and trusted analysis.Our research programs focus on governance of the global economy global security and politics and international law in collaboration with a range of strategic partners and support from the Government of Canada the Government of Ontario as well as founder Jim Balsillie.





Colab is citizen-to-government engagement platform that offers a social network for citizens, focused on issue reporting, urban improvement suggestions and public services evaluations, as well as participation in the decision making process. For governments, Colab.re offers workflow management, CRM and consultation tools.

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