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Dev Nrgee Resource (NRG Resource Group)


Dev Nrgee Resource brings together technological innovations renewable energy and a social business model to improve rural livelihoods. Their innovations include a Solar Silk reeling machine improved handlooms and micro spinning machines. With financial and business interventions Dev Nrgee Resources enable the rural poor to earn a living.




Viet Nam

Fashion4Freedom (F4F) strives to solve social challenges with thoughtful designs. Great design is not only about making their lives prettier or simpler. Great designs can solve problems of injustice, create peace and promote economic equality. Fashion4Freedom is a garment industry’s alternative to the current production and sourcing options. Providing a new marketplace for high quality & ecologically minded fashion while fighting poverty through programs for: skill development, infrastructure development and empowerment of women and girls exploited in Vietnam.

Professional & technical services


Green Waves Social Enterprise


Green Waves Social Enterprise is a private enterprise working in Yangon Myanmar. It was started in.. by.. and today employs 90 permanent local staff and has active partnerships with 64 NGOs country wide. Green Waves utilizes a hybrid model combining best practices from the business and non profit worlds utilizing a triple bottom line approach. rnOur funding comes from international organizations and private investors interested in designing and implementing rural social enterprise.





InfraRural is a social enterprise dedicated to the design, manufacturing and implementation of programs Efficient Wood Stoves. Their competitive advantage is the attention to the main problems encountered in the implementation of programs d and efficient stoves its own model stove, Xalpaneca, which was designed under the philosophy of appropriate technology for the rural community.



Trees for the Future

United States of America

Since its founding in 1989 Trees for the Future (TREES) a 501(c)3 has planted more than 150 million trees and transformed the lives of thousands of families. By establishing Forest Gardens we teach agroforestry and sustainable land management practices that not only provide farmers and their families with greater access to food and increased incomes but also preserve natural resources for future generations. From our headquarters based in Silver Spring MD we oversee programs across sub Saharan Africa including Cameroon Kenya Tanzania Senegal and Uganda. In every country we listen to the needs of farming communities and respond to those needs in light of local cultural and environmental conditions. We provide training seeds and materials needed to sustainably grow harvest and sell food fuelwood forage timber and other agricultural products. While TREES provides training and materials participants provide land water and labor to ensure buy in and long term sustainability. This in turn has many positive impacts on alleviating poverty hunger and healing the environment. Sub impacts also include nutrition women's empowerment education entrepreneurship and much more.