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Phatisa Pa tee sa based on a Xhosa phrase used to describe the action of helping to carry we are a uniquely African sector focused private equity fund management firm that focuses on sector specific investments throughout the sub Saharan region. Our mission is simple. We aim to feed and house the people of Africa by moving beyond traditional private equity challenging the status quo.In a concerted effort to combat chronic undercapitalisation in these sectors the firm manages two sector specific funds totalling more than US$ 285 million the African Agriculture Fund (AAF) focused on food and the Pan African Housing Fund (PAHF) dedicated to affordable housing in eastern Africa. Phatisa comprises a team with a significant track record of managing private equity funds and businesses throughout the continent providing a framework for investment returns and positive change on the African continent.Phatisa's vision is to be the leading sector focused development equity fund manager in Africa. This philosophy finds expression in the unique formula of DevEq PAT x i2 (Development Equity (DevEq) profit after tax (PAT) times a multiple (x) plus impact (i) squared.) a balanced blend of private equity and development finance striving to build sustainable assets and communities while ensuring the best possible returns for investors.

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