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Angels Initiatives


Angel Initiatives are a disruptive organization whose vision is to build innovative social ventures in growing critical sectors necessary to spiral Africaas social economic prosperity.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Africa Impact: Community Development




Aqua-Spark is a global investment fund based in Utrecht, the Netherlands that makes investments in sustainable aquaculture businesses that generate investment returns, while creating positive social and environmental impact. The fund invests in small to medium enterprises that are working towards the production of safe, accessible aquatic life, such as fish, shellfish and plants, in a way that does not harm the health of the planet.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Global Impact: Access to Financial Services




Artemisia is a pioneer in social business, and a reference in this area in Brazil. They catalyze professionals and entrepreneurs to generate high-impact social enterprises, through education initiatives, knowledge dissemination and social enterprise acceleration.

Type: Accelerator/Incubator Geography: Latin America and the Caribbean Impact: Access to Education


Blue Sky Network

Blue Sky is a venture philanthropy organization that allows flexibility to deploy capital in creative and strategic ways. They recognize that in order to see genuine change in our world, traditional philanthropy (i.e. relief & aid efforts) is not able to fully resolve the global problems that exists. They also recognize that traditional markets, by themselves, will not be able to fix the problem. They seek to combine the best of charity and the best of creative market solutions to alleviate the negative impact of poverty around the world.

Type: Investor Network Geography: Americas Impact: Access to Financial Services


Community Reinvestment Fund

United States of America

Community Reinvestment Fund delivers the capital needed to transform struggling neighbourhoods into thriving communities. Together with their lending partners they finance America's small businesses increase jobs improve housing and help those who need it most.Founded in 1988 Community Reinvestment Fund USA (CRF) is a national non profit organization with a mission to empower people to improve their lives and strengthen their communities through innovative financial solutions. A leading Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) CRF develops products and services aimed at increasing the flow of capital to historically underinvested communities across the country. CRF has injected more than $2 billion to help stimulate job creation and economic development provide affordable housing and support community facilities.

Type: CDFI Geography: Northern America Impact: Access to Financial Services


Endeavor Global

United States of America

Endeavor is the only non-profit that supports high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Their "mentor capitalist" model breaks down economic and cultural barriers to entrepreneurship through advising from their network of world-class business leaders.

Type: Accelerator/Incubator Geography: Global Impact: Access to Information


FATE Foundation


FATE Foundation is a non profit private sector led organisation created in March 2000 to tackle the high rate of unemployment and poverty in Nigeria mission is to foster wealth creation by promoting business and entrepreneurial development among Nigerians. To date our flagship programs have centred around providing support to aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs who have business ideas and innovative solutions by giving them enterprise development education/training and providing post graduation business support and ancillary services. Going forward from 2015 and beyond FATE's strategic focus areas will expand to research and policy advocacy in the area of data/need based policies that promote suitable business environments and viable job creation

Type: Accelerator/Incubator Geography: Nigeria Impact: Access to Clean Water and Sanitation



United States of America

Fledge is a network of conscious company accelerators educating guiding and mentoring mission driven for profit startups from around the world. Founded in 2012 over a dozen 10 week accelerator sessions have been run so far in Seattle Peru and Barcelona. As of 2017 there are 82 fledgling companies based in 22 countries. All received investments of at least $15000 $20000. Some millions more.

Type: Accelerator/Incubator Geography: Global Impact: Access to Clean Water and Sanitation


Global Catalyst Initiative


Global Catalyst Initiative help social ventures get from their initial “pilot” to “proof of concept”. Funding range: $1-$40000.

Type: Accelerator/Incubator Geography: Global Impact: Community Development




good.bee Holding GesmbH is the financial inclusion business of Erste Group (60%) and ERSTE Foundation (40%). Set up in 2008 by the ERSTE Foundation and Erste Group its principle task is to develop innovative solutions to break down the barriers to financial inclusion for individuals and enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe. By extending the reach of responsible and suitable financial services to social enterprises and disadvantaged people.

Type: Other Capital Providers Geography: Europe Impact: Access to Financial Services


Impact Amplifier

South Africa

Impact Amplifier is an investment supplier development and sustainability advisory firm whose mission is to accelerate the growth and capital provision of high impact innovative businesses in Africa.

Type: Accelerator/Incubator Geography: South Africa Impact: Access to Education


Incubate NYC

IncubateNYC is the community for aspiring entrepreneurs transforming their ideas into sustainable business models.

Type: Accelerator/Incubator Geography: Global Impact: Income/Productivity Growth


NewMe Accelerator

United States

NewMe Accelerator are a residential technology start up accelerator/incubator for businesses that are led by under represented minorities in the technology industry.

Type: Accelerator/Incubator Geography: Northern America Impact: Equality & Empowerment/Minorities/Previously Excluded Populations


Points of Light

United States

The Points of Light Civic Accelerator is the first accelerator program and investment fund in the country focused on civic ventures for profit and nonprofit startups that include people as part of the solution to critical social problems. The three month bootcamp style program convenes 10 15 teams in person and online with the goal of equipping each startup to seek investments and scale their social innovation. The Civic Accelerator was launched in 2012 in partnership with Village Capital and receives generous support from PwC Charitable Foundation and Starbucks Foundation both founding partners and from the Blackstone Charitable Foundation SAP and their official hotel sponsor Hilton Worldwide.

Type: Accelerator/Incubator Geography: Global Impact: Access to Financial Services


Unltd Hyderabad

UnLtd India is the only incubator with financial and non-financial support for all types of social entrepreneurs at even the earliest stage of development.

Type: Accelerator/Incubator Geography: Asia Impact: Income/Productivity Growth


UnLtd India


UnLtd India finds, funds and supports start-up social entrepreneurs - individuals with the ideas, passion and entrepreneurial skills to bring about lasting social change in India. The organisation operates out of Mumbai and works in conjunction with the Social Entrepreneurs' Trust, its fundraising arm in the UK.

Type: Accelerator/Incubator Geography: Southern Asia Impact: Access to Financial Services


Unreasonable Institute

United States of America

Unreasonable Institute is dedicated to tackling the world’s biggest problems by arming entrepreneurs who can take them on with the mentorship, capital, and lasting, robust network to make it happen. They do this by running multi-week, in person acceleration programs in Boulder, CO, USA; Kampala, Uganda; and Aguascalientes, Mexico (with more locations to launch soon).

Type: Accelerator/Incubator Geography: Global Impact: Access to Clean Water and Sanitation


Z80 Labs Technology Incubator

United States

Z80 Labs Technology Incubator's goal is to re-ignite the internet-based technology sector in the Buffalo area, providing a catalyst in building a technology economy in Buffalo and western New York. They are a technology incubator, which allows participants to build technology businesses within an accelerator environment that provides valuable support across a wide range of functions.

Type: Accelerator/Incubator Geography: Global Impact: