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Founders Fund

United States of America

Founders Fund is stage agnostic and has historically invested in a wide variety of sectors including aerospace artificial intelligence advanced computing energy health and consumer Internet. Members of the team have been investors founders and early employees of prominent technology companies including PayPal Facebook Google Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and Palantir Technologies.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: United States of America Impact: Access to Financial Services


MCE Social Capital

United States of America

MCE Social Capital is a nonprofit impact investing firm that uses a pioneering loan guarantee model to generate economic opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people particularly women in more than 30 countries.MCE is a nimble virtual organization with leadership in San Francisco New York Washington D.C. Boston and North Carolina.MCE recruits trail blazing individuals foundations and other entities to back loans to MCE from institutional lenders and accredited investors. Learn more about the Guarantor model.Since 2006 when MCE began operations MCE has used more than $110 million from private sector lenders made possible by MCE s loan guarantees to make loans to hundreds of MFIs. The MFIs have in turn funded more than $160 million in loans and other services to hundreds of thousands of people in more than 30 countries in Latin America Sub Saharan Africa Asia Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. Each of these individualsmore than 71% of whom are womensupports an average of five family members or more than 2 million people.MCE s separate Small and Growing Business (SGB) Fund supported by MCE s retained earnings and donations since 2013 but switching over to guaranteed capital in 2017 makes flexible customized and affordable loans to SGBs in Sub Saharan Africa and other challenging parts of the world.MCE sells its Global Economic Opportunity Notes (the Notes) to accredited investors. These Notes pay a fixed financial return generate positive social impact and benefit from MCE s 10 year track record of solid portfolio performance and the fact that MCE s investments are backed by over $113 million in loan guarantees.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Global Impact: Community Development


New Enterprise Associates

United States of America

New Enterprise Associates (NEA) partners with entrepreneurs to build transformational businesses across multiple stages, sectors and geographies. As one of the world's largest and most active venture capital firms with more than $13 billion in committed capital, the firm's long track record includes more than 190 portfolio company IPOs and more than 300 acquisitions. Among its historical investments are technology leaders like Data Domain, CareerBuilder, Diapers.com, Groupon, Juniper, Macromedia, Salesforce.com, Tableau Software, TiVo, WebEx and Workday.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: China Impact: Access to Financial Services


The FSE Group

United Kingdom of Great Britai

The FSE Group has been investing in ambitious small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that have the potential for significant growth. FSE Group understand the funding challenges facing emerging and mid sized companies looking to expand and provide funds and support including mentors where appropriate to help bridge the funding gap. A newer area of focus is that of Social Impact Funding where they are working alongside experienced partners to finance social enterprises and communities. The FSE Group mission is to provide tailored funding solutions and support for ambitious and innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to help them achieve their maximum potential.

Type: Investor Network Geography: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Impact: Access to Financial Services


Youth Social Innovation Capital Fund


We recognize that youth are brimming with innovative ideas to tackle the complex challenges that confront today s society. Yet without an established credit history assets and business experience required by traditional investment models young social entrepreneurs face challenges securing the necessary funding to accomplish their goals.We also recognize that investors are becoming increasingly unsatisfied with their current investment portfolio and opportunities. They want their investments to earn financial returns while simultaneously positively impacting the world.YSI bridges the gap between the needs of young social entrepreneurs and impact investors byProviding young social entrepreneurs with debt financing and resources that facilitate successful venture growthOffering triple bottom line investment opportunities that generate financial social and environmental returns.YSI sources capital from impact investors and after thorough due diligence distributes that capital in the form of loans to young social entrepreneurs working to make the world a better place.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Canada Impact: Community Development