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Media Development Investment Fund

United States of America

MDIF provides affordable financing and technical assistance to independent news and information businesses in challenging environments helping them to become financially sustainable. We invest in media that provide the news information and debate that people need to build free thriving societies. MDIF has invested more than $171 million in over 114 independent news businesses in 39 countries since 1996. Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals help clients build financially viable businesses while providing real financial and social returns to a wide range of impact investors. MDIF is a New York registered not for profit corporation with 501(c)(3) public charity status.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Asia Impact: Access to Information


Public Radio Fund LLC

United States of America

FF REVIEW The Public Radio Fund established in 2007 by Public Radio Capital is the only lending source in the United States dedicated to financing public media's future. The Public Radio Fund's investors include Calvert Social Investment Foundation Ford Foundation Hull Family Foundation Nonprofit Finance Fund National Public Radio (NPR) and individual investors.

Type: Fund Geography: United States of America Impact: Access to Information