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Artha India Ventures


Artha India Ventures' league of member Angel Investors mentor and invest in nascent ventures with business ideas that create value by participating in the entrepreneurial process. AIV have invested in more than 47 start ups and has diversified portfolio ranging from last minute hotel bookings (HotelsAroundYou.com) to classes aggregators (FindUrClass.com) cosmetic ecommerce (Purplle.com) and at home salon services (The Home Salon). From microfinance credit rating platforms (Inventure) to online interview platforms (Talview) electronic repair & insurance companies (PickMeIndia.com) Cloud Telephone (Exotel.com) and Cab Aggregators (BookMyCab.com) the portfolio has it all.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: India Impact: Access to Financial Services


Firelake Capital

United States of America

Firelake Capital Management is a fund with a hybrid portfolio of private and public investments in information technology energy technology and material science. The public holdings focus on technological innovation and scalability for self funding. The private companies develop Edge technologies to meet future fundamental needs.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: United States of America Impact: Access to Energy




idacapita is an alternative asset management platform having venture capital / SME Growth funds in the portfolio. idacapita investors are distinguished international institutional investors, financial institutions and business savvy individuals. idacapita typical deal size is from 500K to 2,5 M EUR per year into a single company, minority investment, into broad range of SMEs and start-ups which have sound business models and potential to create an expected return for the investors.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Asia Impact: Access to Financial Services


New Media Ventures

United States of America

New Media Ventures is the first national network of early stage investors who are investing their time and money into new cutting edge start ups focused on building progressive change. Members join to learn more about opportunities that they couldn t find anywhere else. It is a project of the Democracy Alliance a partnership of change makers committed to strengthening democracy by investing in and fostering collaboration among progressive leaders and institutions. Launched in 2005 the Democracy Alliance has emerged as one of the largest drivers of progressive activist funding in the country.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: United States of America Impact: Access to Financial Services


The Innovation Village


The Innovation Village is a destination entrepreneurs call home. We purpose to deliberately grow innovation by putting in place a platform that challenges assumption ignites thought and questions status quo. As a launchpad for innovators we bring together partners startups investors and researchers to act as one force for good.At the backdrop of Uganda being named as the most entrepreneurial country in the world The Innovation Village offers the next step to cement this recognition through offering1. A MOONSHOT factory designed to be a tech Launchpad for various startups leveraged on a sharing economy.2. A bureau to extend the boundaries of research and knowledge within critical growth sectors.3. A challenge driven accelerator to bring the power of innovation to the needs of government community and industry.

Type: Accelerator/Incubator Geography: Uganda Impact: Capacity Building