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PRIME Coalition

United States of America

Empowering philanthropists to place charitable capital into market based solutions to climate change.Climate change is one of the most complex and urgent challenges of our time. Increased investment is vital to develop the unproven technologies of tomorrow as well as deploy the proven technologies of today. Approximately $1 trillion of investment annually above business as usual is needed.Historically challenging educational operational and perceived regulatory barriers have prevented philanthropic investment into early stage energy technology companies. At the same time large capital requirements long time frames and high risk profiles have led to reduced fiduciary capital investment in the earliest stages of company formation.The world needs catalytic capital that is able to lead. PRIME is a public charity that facilitates investments by working with an ever expanding group of philanthropic organizations private foundations corporate foundations donor advised funds and individual donors to place charitable capital into best in class early stage for profit companies that promise vast reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions. Our short term goal is to lower the high barriers that make charitable investment in this area prohibitively difficult and share our proof of concept investments as demonstrative case studies with the philanthropy community.

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