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Benton Keith

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Benton Keith has a profound respect for those who devote their lives to finding healthy, sustainable ways to support their communities. By providing capital to companies in their earliest phases of growth, Benton hopes to bring positive and lasting change not just to his own community, but also to the world, as he recognizes that much can be achieved and shared when we widen our scope and perspective. Benton appreciates the efforts, progress, and impact of those companies he’s invested in within his own community and even those thousands of miles away in multiple states and foreign countries. It is with the ambition and success of his current investments that Benton strives to discover other startups that wish to create a lasting impact. Those who desire to create, do good for their community, and foster a cause they are passionate about excite Benton. A prospective investment must exude passion as they work to gain support, as that is what draws Benton in to supporting them. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Benton has transformed himself from a young Eagle Scout to a sophisticated investor. Early education at St. Xavier High School and Southern Methodist University taught Benton about himself; lessons learned during a semester abroad in Italy taught him about the world; a career in finance and insurance taught him about the environment of modern-day economy. Over the course of a professional career rich with economic, social, and philanthropic excitement, Benton has organically grown from an eager, young businessman into a champion for the Louisville business community.

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