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FIn Gourmet has extensive experience working with the primary target fish of this venture the Asian Carp. They have cut and dissected thousands of fish themselves to understand their anatomy and bone structure. In doing so They discovered a process for producing whole boneless Asian Carp fillets. They also manufacture a healthy environmentally friendly all natural chemical free form of surimi a type of paste made from fish protein and surimi based products. rn rn High quality surimi has 3 requirements it must 1) have a white color 2) not smell fishy and 3) have a certain type of springy chewiness when cooked. This is typically achieved by chemical additives and fillers which decrease nutritional value and add health risks. FIn Gourmet surimi has been tested by the independent third party lab NSF and has received an SA grading (second highest the top grade can only be achieved by Alaskan Pollack surimi).rn rn FIn Gourmet s surimi and surimi based products are in high demand but their approach to fulfilling this demand will be respectful of the Kentucky environment and the local communities. They have markets for several parts of the fish (heads skin carcass roe) and have partnerships with groups which create products from all components of the fish (guts carcass head skin etc.). They cannot waste a single component of this valuable resource and in fact have formed partnerships with Murray State University and the Kentucky Wildlife and Fisheries to participate in studying this fish its impact on the environment and the mitigation of over proliferation in regional waterways. They do this because it is here in Kentucky where the water is pristine that the wild caught Carps are of the best quality and where FIn Gourmet s products will be Kentucky Signature Products proudly made in the USA.


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1735 Bridge St.
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