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Health Ingredients Ceylon was founded by Saman W. Kasthurirathne who has many years of international marketing experience in food and beverage industry.The vision of the founder is to carry out research and development on locally available plants fruits spices and indigenous medicinal herbs in order to identify and isolate their active ingredients . The company was established to commercially produce these natural ingredients and market the end products to food and beverage pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies around the world.The company has been involved in research and development work for over a decade and has established technology partnerships with global leaders and trend setters in the above industries.The company uses the latest green technology and high quality Sri Lankan raw materials. This technology enables Health Ingredients to produce extracts and essences at the highest level of purity while using minimal energy compared to traditional technologies. This green technology ultimately benefits the end customer by making high quality products available at considerably lower prices.The Company processes natural raw materials and adds value within Sri Lanka. Retaining this value within the country of origin benefits small scale producers and contributes to rural economic development. It also minimizes resource and energy waste and reduces carbon emissions. Instead of transporting high volume raw ingredients in bulk the Company exports the high value extracts essences and active ingredients.Customers are increasingly demanding more information on where products come from and how they are produced. End users of natural supplements and health ingredients tend to be conscientious consumers. They want to know the country of origin food safety standards (e.g. HACCP Certification) social impact (e.g Fair Trade Certification) and environmental impact (e.g. Organic Certification) of their products. Sri Lanka has a strong reputation for high quality ethically produced tea spices and fruits.


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