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hiveonline is making the world a fairer place for the smallest and most disadvantaged of businesses using leading edge technology to leapfrog many of the barriers they've traditionally faced.hiveonline brings small businesses seamless financial administration paperless agreements and value transfer with a reputation system that scores them on behaviour and facts. We use non financial data such as phone records for customer validation taking away the risk and expense of borrowing for the world's most disadvantaged entrepreneurs. The reputation shows they can be trusted even with low volumes of commerce and is a better predictor of future behaviour than a credit history so they can demonstrate trust to lenders and customers without the need for bank records or formal ID levelling the field for smaller businesses. We offer local insurance and pensions alongside lending and marketplaces.Our blockchain and ML based tools support community collaboration and disintermediated financial ecosystems with fiat currency pegged interest bearing cryptocurrency that feels like cash but locks wealth into communities. This helps micro and small businesses work together more expanding commerce and the opportunity for peer to peer transactions while removing the need for exploitative middle men. Our blockchain supports distributed wealth taking away the need for banks and allowing communities to save without the risks of cash. Our community managers work closely with data scientists to create simple relevant Mobile interfaces that create familiarity for our customer groups. The automation and risk reduction allow us to slash the cost of lending from MFIs. We partner with NGOs for profits and MFIs to access existing distribution networks although we have the potential to disrupt the MFIs by removing inefficiency and risk we can also support them the biggest industry we're disrupting is corruption. Sofie Blakstad (CEO) is one of the world s leading banking transformation experts and together with Rob Allen CTO and Blockchain decided the future of finance for underserved and disadvantaged customers lies outside of the banking industry hence hiveonline was born. Our team speaks 13 languages and has an average age of 38 not your typical Fintech. We bring a wealth of experience both in leading and delivering global transformation and business build and in research and technology disciplines across the NGO and corporate world.


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