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World Institute of Renewable Energy

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WIRE, the World Investors in Renewable Energy, supports the development of the renewable energy sector, providing advisory services to the project sponsors and arranging the financing for those projects aligned with the harmonised investment criteria. This platform is sponsored by major public and private sector investors, and supported by key actors from divers horizons – industrial, financial services, the environment - aiming primarily at providing a full service through to financial close for renewable energy projects in the Mediterranean area, Africa and most arid/semi arid countries. WIRE is founded by the Principality of Monaco, with its long lasting commitment towards environmental issues being highly praised and respected, and Centuria Capital Group, which provides its established experience as investment advisor and asset manager for the account of Sovereign Wealth Funds. The two founders have joined forces to establish the missing link between the world of global investors and the moving framework of Renewable Energies. WIRE offers several services: Identification and evaluation of appropriate renewable energy projects in the targeted domains and world regions, with recommendations to investors and fund providers Advisory as to the structuring and the financing of renewable energy projects from the high level matrix, through due diligence to the sourcing of equity and quazi equity, long term project financing facilities, and financial close.) The follow up and reporting to the related parties, Support as to private placements and IPOs Organization of knowledge sharing and information dissemination events

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